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Orcs,Goblin and Torlls

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Idea New Sex Game Orcs,Goblin and Torlls
Mac is White man in his elary 20s Orcs are light green and the Goblins are green as Orcs but little dark and Trolls are blue or light bule or use this pics for how like to look for them
An adventure name Mac that live in a small village a lot of his people talk about the dangerous Race of the orcs and goblins and trolls but Mac believe its just a storys to keep his people in the village from going out there for Adventuring far from home but one night cash left his home village and got himself a boat but a big strom hit and made his boat crash into a island but got pick up by a group of female busty nice big waist ass Orcs and drag him to there female chief fatga she big and has big breast and huge ass
Fatga:what do we have here a male no males have been seen for 100 years this is good news for our tribe girls have him be clean and good ready to give us babies while I talk to the other females Trolls and goblins tribes that we going increase our tribes
Mac:Please untie me
Fatga:no no no my little pet you have give us a fighting chance to live on
Mac:but I heard Orcs and trolls and goblins are mean and ugly but your all very beautiful and thick then the women i seen
Fatga:is that so
Mac:yes and I be happy to help if you don't hurt me !
Scene one Mac:gos to a hut and meets a busty fat ass orc that gives him a blowjob with tit fucking and blows his load in her mouth after that he gets cowgirl anal by her fatass as her ass eats up his cock he cums inside
titfuck easy–Mac:oh babe our tits are nice and soft Female orc:glad you like them titfuck medum–Mac:oh using your mouth now huh babe Female Orc:mmmmmm Titfuck hard–Mac:keep this up I'm ganna blow Cowgirl fristperson veiw easy–Mac:damn you got big ass that can eat my cock whole Female orc:your cock is so fat and big oohhh Cowgirl medum–Mac:oh god ! Female orc:this is way better then the toys we use Cowgirl hard–Mac:ah shit I'm ganna blow! Female orc:cum hard !
Scene two after orc leaves a Female little person goblin with a big boobs and big booty comes in the hut
Minie:so its true a male Human is our tribe so tell me have you been with a small plump women
Mac:no but i love to try
Minie:well then grab me and fuck the shit out of me big boy!
Mac:grabs her and fucks her as he holding here by under arms as he kissing her and cums inside her and Minie taking a deep breathing and pass out Cash feel spent
fuckholding easy–Mac:I got to say you not that heavy for a Goblin Minie:is that so well go hard I'm not fragile fuckholding medum–Minie:oh shit your fuck huge ! Fuckholding hard–Minie:yes bust that load in my pussy Mac:ahhh !
Scene three a tall bbw blue Troll with big breast and ass name Vonrra dont tell me that small bitch worn you out Mac:no but you will Vonrra:Good my turn now and I will make you cum hard
Mac:yes you will
Mac fucks Vonrra doggy as he see her ass bonce back from his cock and and he grabs her hair and Vonrra yells at him says blast me with your seed!
doggy easy–Mac:oh shit your tight back Vonrra:good now grab my hair and make me your bitch ! doggy medum–Vonrra:ahh fuck yes ! HARDER doggy hard–Mac:damn babe your frecky
Mac:damn that was great but I need rest
Fatga comes in to check on Mac Fatga comes in the hunt and check on Mac
Fatga:did you have fun little pet
Mac:yeah i did
Fatga:good! becuse you have to give us more of your seed to me and my best friend Troll Litea head miss and my goblin little sister tiwgi we are very horny for you
Mac:oh man its seems i'm not going home for a while
to be continued!
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