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Boobelma Gets Spooked 8

Idea New Sex Game Boobelma Gets Spooked 8

Story: After getting a draw with the Taki, the gang was about to finally meet the White Priestess. Suddenly out of nowhere, an intruder came out of nowhere. It was Tilda & everyone start to have sex with each other.
Boobelma: We can finally meet the Priestess? I can't believe we're this close to the end!
Taki: Not so fast. You prove you're worthy Boobelma, but I still need to see if your friends are as well.
Shraggy: Zoinks, like what we gotta do?
Taki: You will also take the carnal test.
Scroob: We can do that!
Taki: I shall start with the scrawny one 1st!
Sex Scene 1:
Easy –
Taki: Unlike Boobelma, I doubt you can pass this test
Shraggy: We'll see about that ninja whore.
Medium –
Shraggy: Still think I'm not gonna pass?
Shraggy: Too bad bitch, you reap what you sow!
Hard –
Shraggy: How you liking so far, slut?
Shraggy: *HUFF* So did I pass?
Taki: Oh yes, with flying colors. Now it's the dog's turn.
Narration: Suddenly out of nowhere, Tilda knocked out Scrooby
Tilda: Vho's ze hell are ye people & how ze hell I get out of here?
Shraggy: Scroob!
Taki: Halt, I am the guardian of this place. I know of you, Tilda the famous Demon Hunter/Slayer.
Tilda: Zo my reputation brozeeds me. Zo vhat? You ztill didn't unswer my question
Boobelma: Good God & I thought Scrooby was hard to understand.
Taki: You need to pass like everyone else has to. However, you assaulted the next contestant. Therefore you must be punished 1st.
Tilda: Fucking hell! Vine, vhat bunizhment muzt I endure?
Taki: You will compensate by pleasuring the dog's owner.
Shraggy: Hell yea, for my buddy Scroob!
Boobelma: Oh brother.
Sex Scene 2:
Dialogue –
Easy –
Shraggy: Hope you're ready.
Tilda: Letz getz zis over vith
Medium –
Tilda: Zitz isn't zo pad
Shraggy: Damn, what the hell are you even saying.
Hard –
Shraggy: Like, what hell is that accent is supposed to be?
Tilda: Not too pad, zcrawny guy.
Shraggy: Sure thing babe.
Tilda: I've fucked pie your guy, now give me your test!
Taki: Very well, now you must pass the carnal test against me. With this ancestral double dildo. Prepare yourself!
Boobelma: I'm starting to think she's only doing this because she's so sex deprived than anything else.
Shraggy: I'm cool with that.
Sex Scene 3
Dialogue –
Easy –
Taki: Show me the skills of the Demon Hunter/Slayer
Tilda: You're ubout to vind out!
Medium –
Taki: Amazing, truly an amazing experience!
Tilda: You're not zo pad yourzelf.
Hard –
Taki: Well done Tilda, but there's one last test.
Tilda: VHAT THE HELL! You chust zaid I've bassed! Vhat more do I need to do?
Taki: Normally you would but we have an unusual circumstance.
Boobelma: What's that?
Taki: Not this many people should be here at once. So now you must face each other.
Tilda: VHAT!
Boobelma: WHAT!
Boobelma: But that's not fair, I already pass against you!
Taki: Only one group can pass or not at all.
Tilda: Zo I chust joined zhem.
Taki: I clearly know that you're aren't together. Maybe you shouldn't be so impulsive & knock the dog out just now.
Shraggy: Fine, like just tell us what to do.
Taki: The last test shall involve you being double titfuck by Boobelma & Tilda. The 1st to make you cum shall gain entry to the portal.
Shraggy: I'm ok with this.
Tilda: Oh zits iz zuch pullshit!
Boobelma: You know, I have a feeling if we met under different circumstances, we would've been really good friends.
Tilda: Vell, I do veel a ztrange kindred with you.
Taki: Enough talk, begin!
Sex Scene 4
Double Tit Fuck:
Boobelma: *HUFF* I hope we can meet again, Tilda.
Tilda: *HUFF* Until next time, Poopelma
Taki: The winner is Boobelma & her twink!
Tilda: VHAT, put how!?
Boobelma: That's what I like to know.
Taki: *whispers* The truth is, I just want to have more sex & a demon hunter is probably last longer you guys.
Taki: Worry not, Tilda you can still gain entry should retry the test again.
Tilda: Vine, it's ztill petter than having zex with demonz & dezperate men.
Taki: Good luck with the final quest, Boobelma.
Boobelma: Thank you, c'mon gang, we're about finally finish this whacky adventure!.

Tilda: Lesbian Throwdown

Idea New Sex Game Tilda: Lesbian Throwdown

-Game script –
Imgur link with references to the character Sonia, Sex minigame, and win and loss scenes.
Characters: Tilda and Sonia
Description: After all her sexual misadventures Tilda just wants a night off to relax and drink at a bar. However fate has other plans as the Badass biker nun runs into an old rival!
Background: An empty bar.
Tilda: Vat is going on anymore… I vell V'm losing control of vy vife… Vilthy hellspawn, the church, and vis whole damn vown just want to use me vor vex!
Outside: A motorcycle pulls up next to Tilda's.
Back in bar Sonia enters.
Sonia: Well I'll be damned. I thought I saw your bike and almost didn't believe it. Your still alive huh cunt?!
Tilda and Sonia stare each other down while pressing their racks into each other.
Tilda: Vook vat vat the cat dragged in. I told vu vat vu vere never to vide vy roads vitch!
Sonia: God…Have you been drinking already? Its pertty hard to understand you most the time but this is…. hehe!
Tilda: Vuck Vu!
Sonia: You know I'd love that sweetheart! After I left you little gang of Ball Busters I went my own way. I fucked an entire town of sweet slits!
Sonia: and two dicks in a junkyard….
Tilda: Vat vas vat vast part?
Sonia: Never mind that! Anyway you and I got a score to settle.
Tilda: Vu Vanna go vitch! Vets go!
Sonia: YEAH! Let's do it!
The two start kissing and fingering the other.
Tilda: Normal Viker vools?
Sonia: Yeah… First to break the other gets her way with her for the rest of the night!
Sonia pulls out her big pink dildo.
Sonia: Hope your ready to cum slut!
Tilda: V'm going to vake vu vish vu kept driving!
Sex scene 1/ Minigame- Double dildo orgasam contest.
You pick your character in a throwback way to some of the older News Reporter games and the old Amazon Island game.
The Scene is the women on the ground having sex with a double dildo. The minigame part of it comes in that each character have a health bar at the top of the screen. There are three options; Strong thrust, Quick thrust, and Clench. This would be a rock paper scissors game with Strong beating Clench, Quick beating Strong, and Clench beating Quick. This wouldn't take too many frames of animation as for strong thrust you'd just have a woman winding back and then going forward. Quick would be a faster version of the same animation. And clench would be a woman going back and not going forward, so they'd share the same animation for ease in creation. For a picking right your opponent would have a face animation of them getting closer to orgasam and for picking wrong it would be your character. I'm thinking 15 right picks to win or lose the game and after every 5 hits taken a characters face should change a little (biting lip, panting) to show she's getting closer.
Sex scene 2/ Tilda Wins.
Tilda fucks the shit out of Sonia in the win game pose in the reference.
Sex scene 2/ Sonia Wins.
Sonia Fists the shit out of Tilda's pussy as in the game lose pose in the reference. Tilda squirts on her own face at cumming.
The end

Apex Predalayer

Idea New Sex Game Apex Predalayer
Based on the game Apex Legends, Loba, Wraith, Lifeline, and the other females, engage in the apex games orgy/ something along those lines.


Orcs,Goblin and Torlls

Idea New Sex Game Orcs,Goblin and Torlls

Mac is White man in his elary 20s Orcs are light green and the Goblins are green as Orcs but little dark and Trolls are blue or light bule or use this pics for how like to look for them
An adventure name Mac that live in a small village a lot of his people talk about the dangerous Race of the orcs and goblins and trolls but Mac believe its just a storys to keep his people in the village from going out there for Adventuring far from home but one night cash left his home village and got himself a boat but a big strom hit and made his boat crash into a island but got pick up by a group of female busty nice big waist ass Orcs and drag him to there female chief fatga she big and has big breast and huge ass
Fatga:what do we have here a male no males have been seen for 100 years this is good news for our tribe girls have him be clean and good ready to give us babies while I talk to the other females Trolls and goblins tribes that we going increase our tribes
Mac:Please untie me
Fatga:no no no my little pet you have give us a fighting chance to live on
Mac:but I heard Orcs and trolls and goblins are mean and ugly but your all very beautiful and thick then the women i seen
Fatga:is that so
Mac:yes and I be happy to help if you don't hurt me !
Scene one
Mac:gos to a hut and meets a busty fat ass orc that gives him a blowjob with tit fucking and blows his load in her mouth after that he gets cowgirl anal by her fatass as her ass eats up his cock he cums inside
titfuck easy–Mac:oh babe our tits are nice and soft
Female orc:glad you like them
titfuck medum–Mac:oh using your mouth now huh babe
Female Orc:mmmmmm
Titfuck hard–Mac:keep this up I'm ganna blow
Cowgirl fristperson veiw
easy–Mac:damn you got big ass that can eat my cock whole
Female orc:your cock is so fat and big oohhh
Cowgirl medum–Mac:oh god !
Female orc:this is way better then the toys we use
Cowgirl hard–Mac:ah shit I'm ganna blow!
Female orc:cum hard !
Scene two
after orc leaves a Female little person goblin with a big boobs and big booty comes in the hut
Minie:so its true a male Human is our tribe so tell me have you been with a small plump women
Mac:no but i love to try
Minie:well then grab me and fuck the shit out of me big boy!
Mac:grabs her and fucks her as he holding here by under arms as he kissing her and cums inside her and Minie taking a deep breathing and pass out Cash feel spent
fuckholding easy–Mac:I got to say you not that heavy for a Goblin
Minie:is that so well go hard I'm not fragile
fuckholding medum–Minie:oh shit your fuck huge !
Fuckholding hard–Minie:yes bust that load in my pussy
Mac:ahhh !
Scene three a tall bbw blue Troll with big breast and ass name Vonrra dont tell me that small bitch worn you out
Mac:no but you will
Vonrra:Good my turn now and I will make you cum hard
Mac:yes you will
Mac fucks Vonrra doggy as he see her ass bonce back from his cock and and he grabs her hair and Vonrra yells at him says blast me with your seed!
doggy easy–Mac:oh shit your tight back
Vonrra:good now grab my hair and make me your bitch !
doggy medum–Vonrra:ahh fuck yes ! HARDER
doggy hard–Mac:damn babe your frecky
Mac:damn that was great but I need rest
Fatga comes in to check on Mac Fatga comes in the hunt and check on Mac
Fatga:did you have fun little pet
Mac:yeah i did
Fatga:good! becuse you have to give us more of your seed to me and my best friend Troll Litea head miss and my goblin little sister tiwgi we are very horny for you
Mac:oh man its seems i'm not going home for a while
to be continued!
(sex sence pick)

Zelena Frankenthighs Dirty Quest

Idea New Sex Game Zelena Frankenthighs Dirty Quest(Tilda boss battle cameo)

Zelena Frankenthighs Dirty Quest
Character Zelena Frankenthighs or as you formerly know her as zombie girl from Meet and Fuck: Halloween Adventure
[To the admins if for some reason you need to describe her appearance for ccbill she's a goth sorceress with a lot of scars with a bad green tan]
[also give her a tramp stamp that says Zombie]
With new clothing appearance. you can pick any of the outfit below but it must have the raven necklace with the outfit you pick
Story and game-play inspired by
Meet and Fuck: Halloween Adventure
My StepMom's a Pornstar 2: Beer Pong
Tilda von Titantanks The Beast Within
Tilda von Titantanks The Apocalypse
Officer Juggs: Ghost Fucker[also to the admins i would like you to use the theme music when juggs is getting fuck for my idea’s sex scene]
Enjoy the story below
thoughts( )
(optional is for the admins to use sound for the idea! they don't have to use sound if they don't want to its not a deal breaker.)
aIso i put Tilda as a mini boss enemy hope that can be accepted
[short story]
Evil sorceress with her wise ass partner trying to take over the world and also she is spell bound to help him on his quest of finding him a permanent body.
funny dialogue fun mini game idea and 4 sex scene please enjoy longer version below.
[Long Story]
It is a normal peaceful night at Metropolis. People peacefully at home watching movies or getting ready to go to bed for the next day Until A big green pumpkin volcano appears with tombstones emerging from under the city! The Pumpkin Volcano started erupting, zombies came out of it and started to attack people. Everybody is panicking and wondering what’s going on and why a giant pumpkin volcano with zombies appeared out of nowhere. It seems we're about to get are answer.
[Scene on top of the Pumpkin volcano]
Zelena Frankenthighs shouting- Ha ha ha ha I'm finally free from that stupid succubus mind control. Finally free from that dumb ass board game. Do you know what that means mortals? That means my true power of sorcery can finally be unleashed. Your day of reckoning is here.I well take over this city and any that opposes me will be eaten alive by my zombie army.You will all suffer under my rule.You will all build-
Her raven necklace cutting her off- OMG CAN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!
Zelena angrily trying to break the necklace-who the fuck do you think you are talking to like that. Izra you just ruined my evil speech.
Izra – news flash Zelena no one can fucking hear you with the volcano erupting ,zombie screaming and oh yeah you being on top of the fucking giant pumpkin doesn't help wonder that succubus had control over you for so long. Here's some advice ask me first before you do anymore stupid scheming
Zelena angrily- Oh yes i should take the advice of the idiot who lost his body for pussy.Talk to me like that again or bring up that bitch in my presence again and i will destroy you.
Izra – please you can't destroy me. You are spell bound to help me find a new body and don't forget if i didn't use that nerd to defeat the succubus you would be nothing but a mindless servant
Zelena- you're lucky i'm spell bound to help you with your quest but when i do find you a body be prepared to lose your brain.
Izra- sounds kinky but before that you got army men with jet packs coming our way so get ready to fight.
Zelena smiling- time to show these mortals who they are dealing with!
[Mini game can be similar to Tilda von Titantanks The Apocalypse or Tilda von Titantanks The Beast Within]
[Zelena hold's a spell book with one hand while firing electric energy balls with the other hand. if you get hit to many time she gets a special that deflect shoots ]
[you are shooting at army men with laser guns and jet packs it ends when you defeat them all]
[also if you get a high score and go untouch for awhile. Tilda will pop up as a special enemy with a jetpack and try to shoot at you]
Zelena- foolish mortals no matter how many times you shoot me it wont work. I have the power to turn my body to super rubber and can deflect your bullets right back at you.
Zelena Battle fatigue(wow that took more mana then i thought)
Izra- hurry up zelena put me around the black army man quickly before he wakes up
Zelena put the necklace around the army man.
Irza happily controlling the army man -finally i got a new body first thing i'm gonna do is find me some hoes and-
Zelena cut him off- idiot that’s how you lost your body in the first place.whatever i'm out of here i'll eat your brain later.
Zelena tries to teleport but fails
Zelena kneeling- fuck my body still Rusty from being sealed for so long i think i ran out of mana.
Irza- NOOB
Zelena-shut up and teleport us out of here
Irza- whatever sure
[teleport to Zelena evil lair army bathrooms]
Zelena- why the hell did you teleport us to the bathrooms
Irza-i meant to teleport us to the hallway but I still have to get used to this body.
Zelena- whatever you can get out of my lair now. I have no time to deal with you. I have to recover my mana quickly and go back to attacking the city.
Irza- you can't. you overused your mana. It's gonna take a couple of days before you can get back at full power.
Zelena- fuck what i'm i gonna do? I need to get back before they destroy all my zombies.
Irza-i can help you with your mana for a price.[ points at tits]
Zelena(hmmmm i hate him but i do need the mana)
Zelena- Fine i need the mana
Irza-really? You’ll do as a say no matter how humiliating and degrading.
Zelena annoyed- i said fine so let's get this over with master, d@ddy or whatever the hell you wanna be called
Irza smiling (this hate sex about to be great)
[Sex Scene 1 tit fuck] toilet seat around her tits. She's holding the toilet seat.
Irza- spit on my dick you green tan bitch so my dick can be slippery enough so i can fuck these tits hard.
Zelena- fuck you do it yourself.
Irza- if you insist. [Spit in her face and a little drop on his dick]
Irza- my bad i missed i'm sure ill get it with the next few
Zelena annoyed- sure you well
[Spit button appears you must keep hitting the spit button unit her face is cover in spit]
Zelena annoyed- that's enough i get it[she spits on his dick]
Irza- that’s a good bitch. Should have did what i said from the start( optional. Sex Sounds
Irza-damn this feels good and you look sexy with all that spit on your face
Zelena- your lucky i need your mana Irza
Zelena-do i really need to keep this toilet seat around my tits
Irza- of course. Why do you ask? Is it getting to painful for you my horror slut
Zelena- please i have a high tolerance for pain.
Irza- oh really if that's the case
[Hard{slaping her in her face while tit fucking her]
Irza-fuck yeah that’s for acting like a bitch earlier
Zelena(i should have keep that to myself he's having to much fun humiliating me)
[There are two buttons you can pick one cum or extreme]
[Pick Cum!]
Irza-fuck here it cums
Cum over face and tits
Irza- fuck that felt good but now your face all dirty. here let me help you wash it for you.
[Pick extreme!]
Irza -fuck here it cums
Cum over her face and tits
Zelena – you done
Irza- hold on open your mouth Zelena
Zelena annoyed(oh i think i know where this is going)
[Zelena Open mouth with eyes close]
[Piss in here mouth and on her face]
Irza- fuck that felt good but now your face all dirty. here let me help you wash it
[Sex scene 2 doggystyle on there knees and her face press on urinal]
Sex Sounds – One Man One Woman 34 Start at 0 end at 12:03
Irza- your face looks better all ready
Zelena- fuck you
Irza – fuck this dawn of the dead pussy feels good.
Zelena- ah of ahhh course ahhh now ahhh give ahhh me ahhh mana
Irza- not so fast i wanna enjoy destroying this super villain pussy
Zelena- ah aha aha aha
Irza-you must really want this mana to take a pounding like this with your face hitting the urinal like that.
Zelena- ahhh i already told you ahhhh my pain tolerance is high ahhh
Irza- hmmm let's test how much your body can take
[extreme] grab's a plunger
Irza- guess where this is going?
Zelena – up ahhh your ahh ass ahhh jerk
Irza- nope an as a penalty for getting it wrong i'm gonna stick the bottom of the plunger first in your ass
Stick's it in her ass
Zelena – AHHH FUCK
inside her pussy
Irza -fuck that was fun
Zelena- glad you liked it you idiot
Irza- hey do you wanna get your mana a little early
Zelena -well duh otherwise i wouldn't be letting you degrade me like this.
Irza- ok but before i tell you. You can't drown right?
Zelena- no idiot i can't drown.
Irza-perfect and your green ass don't need lube right?
Zelena annoyed-I would prefer because of your dick size but I'll endure
Irza- fuck yeah time to give you that no lube painal experience
Sex scene 3 painal piledriver. Her head in the toilet also make the toilet transparent {optional
one man one women 66 start at 8:45 end at 9:53
Zelena- you ahhh are ahh an asshole ahhh!
Irza – you can't drown so your good.
Irza – anyway i'm gonna put all my mana into my dick and give it to you
Zelena- why the hell didn't you do that before?
Irza- i just remember i can do that
Zelena -ahhh hey i know ahhh your ahhhh enjoying yourself but take it easy your ahhh shaking the bathrooms
Irza- no way. i'm not taking it easy now. this dead risingz ass needs this pounding.
[Hard! Zelena face reddish with a mean look]
Zelena- fuckk ahhh fuck my asss shittttt
Irza- hell yeah that's how i like my green bitches faces when i fuck them completely red
Zelena(fuck he's really destroying my ass)
Irza- hey zelena it seems i can't give you my mana
Zelena – whattt ahhh why ahhhh not ahhh???
Irza -i'm moving to slow i need to move faster and rougher
Zelena -Fuck ahhhh then ahhh doo it ahhhh hate fuck me ahh!
Irza – oh fuck yeah if i was fucking a normal girl like i'm about to fuck you she wouldn't survive this[Irza spreads Zelena legs wider]
[Extreme]{ pounding her so hard the toilets started to crack. make this seen similar to My StepMom's a Pornstar 2: Beer Pong deep throat scene} {optional sound start from 31 end at 42
[Zelena face while getting pounded]
inside and toilet gets destroyed
Zelena- damn that was a brutal ass fucking. you are really testing my endurance.
Zelena(i cant believe i cum from that but i wont tell him that otherwise he'll never stop bragging about it)
Irza- you're not done yet are you?
don't you want more mana
Zelena(damn it i still need more mana if i'm gonna take over the metropolis)
Zelena- fine i'll finish you with a blowjob
Irza- that's fine and all
Irza- can you do it like the hot-dog you ate one time
Zelena- oh you seen that no
Irza- please please i'll give you the rest of my mana if you do it.
Zelena -omg fine
Zelena opens her mouth and all her teeth fall out Only showing her gums and tongue
Irza- hell yeah
[Sex scene 4 gumjob] {optional sex sound blowjob 18 start at 6:25 end at 6:42}
Irza -omg this feels amazing
Zelena -Gulp gulp gulp
Irza- fucking your face feels great my Z toy but i know you have another trick you can do to make me cum quicker
Zelena-(oh great he means that. i'm gonna get a massive headache after this)
Irza- blink two times if it's ok to do it
Zelena blinks two time
Extreme![ Irza rips Zelena head from her stitches connected to her body.{make this seen similar to My StepMom's a Pornstar 2: Beer Pong deep throat scene as well] Zelena has one eye open the other close]Irza Fucking zelena head and you see his dick hitting the back of her head like scary movie 2 blowjob scene.
Like pic below but no handjob assist {optional sex sound blowjob 20 start at 4:16 end at 4:38}
[to the admins if you are worried about the Extreme bj pic use this one instead ]
inside her head and it spell out her nose, eyes,ears, and mouth
Irza- fuck that was something else.[Drops Zelena head]
Irza- wait what’s happening.
Irza lost control of his new body.the soldier took off the necklace throw it at Zelena and runs away
Irza- fuck she gonna be mad when she wakes up and finds out the quest not over yet.

PKMN: Road to Hoenn

Idea New Sex Game PKMN: Road to Hoenn

Title: PKMN: Road to Hoenn
Scenario: 2 friends discover the existence of a Pokémon league a little peculiar to Hoenn.
Indeed, this year the first donating challenger is the first league and as a trainer to beat a champion to ask him, please choose who cannot refuse.
Hero (Brice):
Rival (Paul):
Body + clothes for sex scene:
scene 1: Brice is at his friend Paul's place, they watch the TV map at:
Brice: we are bored seriously in our lost village!
Paul: Your reason for being our daughter Age here. (Brice and Paul are 20 years old)
TV: an advertisement passes …
Are you bored in your quiet life?
Become a trainer now!
The Hoenn area is waiting for you!
And to motivate you this year the Pokémon League of Hoenn organize a special event!
The first trainer so it's the first league Pokémon to defeat every champion can ask what he wants the champion (private training, free trip, money!) Be creative in your requests and do not forget can ask!)
The 2 friends are very attentive!
Brice and Paul: you have to take part in this league!!
TV: The start will take place in 2 weeks in Rustboro City.
So see you soon, Hoenn!
Paul: I go to the professor's lab right away to get a Pokémon!
Brice: on a time of the know.
Scene 2:
Brice is looking in his father's old trainer business to see if you have anything useful.
Brice finds old pokeballs!
He tries them out and a legendary Pokémon comes out of the last … (off the screen)
Brice: It's great with this Pokémon I'll be unbeatable.
Scene 3:
2 weeks later …
Brice and Paul are at the Rustboro City Arena
Roxanne welcomes them:
Roxanne: hello challenger I am the champion Roxanne if you want to follow me.
The small group arrives in a battle arena.
Paul: go ahead, you have no chance anyway
Brice: thank you very much!
Transition after the fight.
Roxanne: congratulations challenger! you have won.
Paul: what was this great pokemon! It's not just me I just started!
Roxanne: you're the first one to beat me right ask what you want.
Brice: he has something but it's a little embarrassing.
Roxanne: You can tell me if you're upset.
Brice whispers in Roxanne's ear.
Roxanne: It's okay with me.
Sex Scene 1:
blow job + cunnilingus
Scene 4:
During the following days Brice always arrives first in the arena and massacres the champions.
Brice arrives at the arena of Lavaridge (Brice is always alone in mind)
Flannery: Hi, I'm Flannery the champion of Lavaridge City specializing in pokemon fire.
Are you a challenger?
Yes, and I hope to win the prize for the young trainers of your arena!
Comment it's possible that you came here so fast?
you will understand once the fight has begun.
Flannery: All right let's go there
after the fight:
Flannery: I admit my defeat you are too strong for me.
As agreed you can ask me what you want.
Choose only the bonuses of a single reward.
Brice: I already chose!
I want you to make me a titsjob!
Flannery: uh … are you on your choice?
Brice: yes, I'm sure.
Flannery: All right, I'll do the best tits job of your life!
Sex Scene 2:
scene 5:
brice continues his winning streak arrived at Fortree City
brice: where is the arena of this city?
I am totally lost!
Winona: Are you looking for the arene young man?
brice: where do you know where it is?
Winona: you fell on the right person, I am the champion of this city.
Enchant my name is Winona.
Come with me I'll take you to the arena.
On my way:
You will not be Brice by chance?
Brice: yes, it's me
Winona: I've heard a lot about you especially from the champions you've already beaten, I know what you asked them.
Brice: So you knew what's waiting for you in a short time?
Winona: Do you really think you can beat me?
Brice: yes and I have already chosen what I will ask.
Winona: here we are.
After the match:
Winona: the other champions did not lie to me you really have a gift for dressage.
Very good what do you want as a reward?
Brice: I want to fuck you all night!
Winona: I was not expecting it …
I'm just preparing an outfit especially for you.
Sex scene 3:
vaginal sex + anal sex (between the two we release the breasts of Winona)
Cum in anal
Scene 6:
Brice arrives at the Hoenn pokemon league where Paul expects him to be depressed
Brice: Hi Paul: you do not look good, what's happening to you?
Paul: there are only the prices of the council 4. I managed to get here before you but I got slaughtered! you have won everything and I lost everything to you the honor of winning the last reward.
Brice: you are my friend I will not leave you in this situation if you want I can share my rewards with you.
Paul: that would be great!
Brice: wait for me here I take care of the Elite oven I come back with the rewards.
Brice: Hi Paul: you do not look good, what's happening to you?
Paul: there are only the prices of the council 4. I managed to get here before you but I got slaughtered! you have won everything and I lost everything to you the honor of winning the last reward.
Brice: you are my friend I will not leave you in this situation if you want I can share my rewards with you.
Paul: that would be great!
Brice: wait for me here I take care of the Elite oven I come back with the rewards.
Brice enters the room of the Elite oven
1 hour after …
Brice comes out of the league with phoebe and Glacia
Brice: it's good here is the reward!
I present to you Phoebe master of the specter type and Glacia ice master
I have a very special reward for you!
Which of the two do you want to fuck first? (Paul is virgin)
Paul: Brice you are the best!
I will start with phoebe or Glacia! (selection in the dialog)
Sex scene 4:
Vaginal fuck => cum in pussy (option: cum in face and boobs)
Brice fucking the girl Paul did not choose
The End
its very importante don't cut the scene

Meet n Fuck Tsunade’s Dark Fantasy

Idea New Sex Game Meet n Fuck Tsunade's Dark Fantasy

Short and Sweet Tsunade from Naruto gets split roasted by multiple cloud ninja in all exposing angles. Like on her back, DP, Riding, etc


Family Milf

Idea New Sex Game Family Milf

Ok so I've finished the script for the Lois Griffin game and I've only included a few characters in this one as I have a better idea of where to put the rest of the characters in part 2 and sorry If bothers anyone. Please let me know what you think.
Characters: Lois Griffin, (Similar body type to Marge in Sinsomes but slight bigger ass and better shaped ass
Peter Griffin,
Chris Griffin,
Principal Shepherd.
Game begins in the Griffin household with Peter lying on the couch almost passed out drunk with a can of beer in his hands.
Lois: Peter honey its been a month since you lost your job and you haven’t gone to find new work either. I can’t keep this family on its feet on my own. I’ve been doing all the work in this house while you’ve just been sat on that couch watching tv and boozing.
Peter: Lois just leave me alone will ya? I’m trying to relax and it’s my house anyway so I’ll just kick you out if I have to.
Lois(thinking): God damn it. He really doesn’t plan on getting back on his feet at all. He’s depressed and in really bad shape too. We haven’t even fucked each other for so long. I’ve got to help him out
Chris: Hey Lois there’s a progress meeting with Principal Shepherd tonight so could you go see him for me?
Lois: Oh sure sweety and it’ll be a nice change of pace from staying in the house all the time.
[Shifts scene to Principals office in School]
Lois: So Principal Shepherd how is Chris doing in his classes?
Principal: Please Mrs Griffin, call me John. Now I’ve got to be honest with you Chris isn’t exactly the brightest of students. He’s severely lacking in his academic progression and even the extra classes we give him aren’t really boosting his grades.
Lois: Oh no that’s terrible! But he works really hard though. John please there must be something he can do to get his grades up. His future depends on it.
Principal: Well… there isn’t really anything that Chris can do as far as I’m concerned he’s just too dumb. No offence.
Lois: None taken
Principal: However I think we can come to some sort of compromise or deal.
Lois: What kind of deal?
Principal: Look I know how things have been hard for you lately so here’s the deal I’ll raise Chris’s grades up for you and I’ll even be willing to give Peter a job here…
Lois: So what’s the deal then. You’re stalling too much John.
Principal: Ok Mrs Griffin I have always found you to be a hot busty milf and I’ve been wanting to tap that for a long time no so I’d like you to get down on your knees and suck and fuck my dick in return for raising Chris’s grades.
Lois(thinking): Damn it I always knew he was a pervert but if it’s for Peter and Chris I’ll do it.
Lois: O-ok John I guess I’ll do it.
Principal: Fuck yeah let’s get started!
Sex scene 1: POV blowjob like this but with much bigger dick – … id=3611548
Principal: Wow Mrs Griffin you look really hot from this view
Lois: Mgghhh.. ( Its so big I can barely fit it in my mouth)
Principal: Come on Mrs Griffin I know you can do better than that.
Principal:[ starts forcing her head onto his dick]
Come on you slut, go deeper!
Lois: Mgggkkhhhh..
Sex scene 2: Titfuck with option to take off bra … id=3761874
Principal: Ok Mrs Griffin lets take your tits for a test run
Lois: Oh my god it's way bigger than peters
Principal: Baby you have some heavenly jugs
Lois: He's so rough with my tits..(while sucking as well)
Sex scene 3: Cowgirl like this … l_position
Principal: It's time for you to ride this rod Mrs Griffin!
Lois: Please just call me Lois, we're way past the point of formalities now
Principal: Fine by me
Lois: Holy shit it's so deep you're so big
Principal Yeah keep bouncing on that cock Lois!
Sex scene 4: POV doggy like this(with pulling on panties as shown in image and take them off at hard) … doggystyle
Principal: I got enough for one more round and I'm going to take you from behind
Lois: Aaaah.. my god
Lois: you're tearing me apart!
Principal: Take it all Lois!
Lois: Shit i'm gonna cum
Principal: Me too Lois, here it comes
Cum inside
Lois: So you'll raise Chris's grades right and give peter a job?
Principal: Of course Mrs Griffin, I'm a man of my word, however I expect that you'll keep up your end of the bargain too?
Lois: Right.. of course..
Game ending – to be continue

Ms. MegaMounds vs Officer Juggs milking contest

Idea New Sex Game Ms. MegaMounds vs Officer Juggs milking contest

An all out extreme milking competition between these two gigantic udders, with very hungry milking machines, classic kinky Cow costumes, anal pounding, pussy pounding and of course breast expansion cause you can never be to big.
And the hostesses of this event is the one and only Bakka and his Mother with her gigantic milk filled tits. They drug them bring them to a warehouse and Bakka sets up the stage for the contest, where the men also pay to fuck the ladies holes as they are being milked by the machines.
Bakkas mom, force feeds ms. Megamounds and Officer Juggs her milk to shut them up of their screams as the men giant cocks destroys there holes, as Bakka fucks his mom up the ass vigorously.
Bakka also ejects the ladies with the breast expansion syrum as there being sodomized. The ladies udders expand, and swell as breast milk increases, as Bakkas mom pulls her nipples from their mouths to here then scream out in agony as their tits bloat and throb in pain. Bakkas mom is laughing at them historically as cum oozes from her butthole.
Bakka with a sinster smile injects his mom with the last syringe, milk explodes from her nipples. Bakka binds her arms behind her back and gags her, then some guys from the competition come over and insert their gigantic cocks into her nipples. Bakkas mom screams as her nipples are penetrated. Ms. Mega mounds and Officer Juggs get turned on by this sight a start producing more milk than the machines can handle.
The winner is ms. Mega mounds and Officer Juggs gets angry and jealous starts squeezes the milk out her big swollen nipples they stumble to the ground, Bakka see an opportunity and fucks Officer Juggs from behind. Officer Juggs swollen nipple finds ms. Mega mounds mouth. As milk slides down ms. Mega mounds face and onto the ground as her tit leaks the pressure of those two on top make her tits leak and squirt milk with every thrust.
Bakka fucks Officer Juggs ass and pussy in doggystle and fucks ms Mega mounds ass and pussy missionary style. Meanwhile Bakkas mom gets dped and also takes a double anal penetration, Bakkas mom has the gag removed and all three ladies get on their knees as their udders lactate and take the biggest bakkake facial ever. Ms. Mega mounds and Officer Juggs look at Bakkas mom and smile and tell her we still want more cum.
They grab Bakkas mom tits lift them up as her arms are still bind behind her back, the ladies proceed to suck the cum and milk right out of her gigantic throbbing nipples. And Bakka gives a big thumbs up to a excellent competition. Both Ms. Mega mounds and Officer Juggs shoves their arms deep into Bakkas mom massive nipples and smile at the camera END

Officer Juggs: Subway Investigation

Idea New Sex Game Officer Juggs: Subway Investigation

Officer Juggs is sitting at her desk just daydreaming about the Thanks Giving parade where she got fucked by those puppets “Have been a while since i've got fucked that good…” and meanwhile the mayor is close to her and he is recieving a phone call about trouble at the subway, where supposely there is something there going on (kind of like in the Thanks giving) and he shouts “What?! Some paranormal activity? What you expect the police to do?! You should..” As she interrupts him saying “Mr. Mayor i can take care of that, i can go investigate it!” and he insists “But Juggs this is no work for the police” and she replies “Please… i need it…”

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Idea New Sex Game Officer Juggs: Subway Investigation

Officer Juggs: Subway Investigation

Officer Juggs is sitting at her desk just daydreaming about the Thanks Giving parade where she got fucked by those puppets “Have been a while since i've got fucked that good…” and meanwhile the mayor is close to her and he is recieving a phone call about trouble at the subway, where supposely there is something there going on (kind of like in the Thanks giving) and he shouts “What?! Some paranormal activity? What you expect the police to do?! You should..” Reed more…