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Tilda: Lesbian Throwdown

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Idea New Sex Game Tilda: Lesbian Throwdown
-Game script –
Imgur link with references to the character Sonia, Sex minigame, and win and loss scenes.
Characters: Tilda and Sonia
Description: After all her sexual misadventures Tilda just wants a night off to relax and drink at a bar. However fate has other plans as the Badass biker nun runs into an old rival!
Intro: Background: An empty bar.
Tilda: Vat is going on anymore… I vell V'm losing control of vy vife… Vilthy hellspawn, the church, and vis whole damn vown just want to use me vor vex!
Outside: A motorcycle pulls up next to Tilda's.
Back in bar Sonia enters.
Sonia: Well I'll be damned. I thought I saw your bike and almost didn't believe it. Your still alive huh cunt?!
Tilda and Sonia stare each other down while pressing their racks into each other.
Tilda: Vook vat vat the cat dragged in. I told vu vat vu vere never to vide vy roads vitch! Sonia: God…Have you been drinking already? Its pertty hard to understand you most the time but this is…. hehe! Tilda: Vuck Vu! Sonia: You know I'd love that sweetheart! After I left you little gang of Ball Busters I went my own way. I fucked an entire town of sweet slits! Sonia: and two dicks in a junkyard…. Tilda: Vat vas vat vast part? Sonia: Never mind that! Anyway you and I got a score to settle. Tilda: Vu Vanna go vitch! Vets go! Sonia: YEAH! Let's do it!
The two start kissing and fingering the other.
Tilda: Normal Viker vools? Sonia: Yeah… First to break the other gets her way with her for the rest of the night!
Sonia pulls out her big pink dildo.
Sonia: Hope your ready to cum slut! Tilda: V'm going to vake vu vish vu kept driving!
Sex scene 1/ Minigame- Double dildo orgasam contest. You pick your character in a throwback way to some of the older News Reporter games and the old Amazon Island game. The Scene is the women on the ground having sex with a double dildo. The minigame part of it comes in that each character have a health bar at the top of the screen. There are three options; Strong thrust, Quick thrust, and Clench. This would be a rock paper scissors game with Strong beating Clench, Quick beating Strong, and Clench beating Quick. This wouldn't take too many frames of animation as for strong thrust you'd just have a woman winding back and then going forward. Quick would be a faster version of the same animation. And clench would be a woman going back and not going forward, so they'd share the same animation for ease in creation. For a picking right your opponent would have a face animation of them getting closer to orgasam and for picking wrong it would be your character. I'm thinking 15 right picks to win or lose the game and after every 5 hits taken a characters face should change a little (biting lip, panting) to show she's getting closer.
Sex scene 2/ Tilda Wins. Tilda fucks the shit out of Sonia in the win game pose in the reference.
Sex scene 2/ Sonia Wins. Sonia Fists the shit out of Tilda's pussy as in the game lose pose in the reference. Tilda squirts on her own face at cumming.
The end