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Boobelma Gets Spooked 8

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Idea New Sex Game Boobelma Gets Spooked 8
Story: After getting a draw with the Taki, the gang was about to finally meet the White Priestess. Suddenly out of nowhere, an intruder came out of nowhere. It was Tilda & everyone start to have sex with each other.
Boobelma: We can finally meet the Priestess? I can't believe we're this close to the end!
Taki: Not so fast. You prove you're worthy Boobelma, but I still need to see if your friends are as well.
Shraggy: Zoinks, like what we gotta do?
Taki: You will also take the carnal test.
Scroob: We can do that!
Taki: I shall start with the scrawny one 1st!
Sex Scene 1:
Dialogue: Easy – Taki: Unlike Boobelma, I doubt you can pass this test Shraggy: We'll see about that ninja whore.
Medium – Shraggy: Still think I'm not gonna pass? Taki: T-T-THIS IS NOTHING! NO, IT'S NOT FAIR! I JUST HAD SEX, I'M NOT READY! Shraggy: Too bad bitch, you reap what you sow!
Hard – Shraggy: How you liking so far, slut? Taki: BY THE GODS, IT'S BEEN EONS SINCE I HAD A MAN FUCKED ME! PLEASE DON'T STOP!
CUM – Shraggy: *HUFF* So did I pass? Taki: Oh yes, with flying colors. Now it's the dog's turn.
Narration: Suddenly out of nowhere, Tilda knocked out Scrooby
Tilda: Vho's ze hell are ye people & how ze hell I get out of here? Shraggy: Scroob! Taki: Halt, I am the guardian of this place. I know of you, Tilda the famous Demon Hunter/Slayer. Tilda: Zo my reputation brozeeds me. Zo vhat? You ztill didn't unswer my question Boobelma: Good God & I thought Scrooby was hard to understand. Taki: You need to pass like everyone else has to. However, you assaulted the next contestant. Therefore you must be punished 1st. Tilda: Fucking hell! Vine, vhat bunizhment muzt I endure? Taki: You will compensate by pleasuring the dog's owner. Shraggy: Hell yea, for my buddy Scroob! Boobelma: Oh brother.
Sex Scene 2:
Dialogue –
Easy – Shraggy: Hope you're ready. Tilda: Letz getz zis over vith
Medium – Tilda: Zitz isn't zo pad Shraggy: Damn, what the hell are you even saying.
Hard – Tilda: YEZ, FUCK ME LIKE A BROZTITUTE! Shraggy: Like, what hell is that accent is supposed to be?
CUM – Tilda: Not too pad, zcrawny guy. Shraggy: Sure thing babe.
Tilda: I've fucked pie your guy, now give me your test! Taki: Very well, now you must pass the carnal test against me. With this ancestral double dildo. Prepare yourself! Boobelma: I'm starting to think she's only doing this because she's so sex deprived than anything else. Shraggy: I'm cool with that.
Sex Scene 3
Dialogue –
Easy – Taki: Show me the skills of the Demon Hunter/Slayer Tilda: You're ubout to vind out!
Medium – Taki: Amazing, truly an amazing experience! Tilda: You're not zo pad yourzelf.
Taki: Well done Tilda, but there's one last test.
Tilda: VHAT THE HELL! You chust zaid I've bassed! Vhat more do I need to do? Taki: Normally you would but we have an unusual circumstance. Boobelma: What's that? Taki: Not this many people should be here at once. So now you must face each other. Tilda: VHAT! Boobelma: WHAT! Boobelma: But that's not fair, I already pass against you! Taki: Only one group can pass or not at all. Tilda: Zo I chust joined zhem. Taki: I clearly know that you're aren't together. Maybe you shouldn't be so impulsive & knock the dog out just now. Shraggy: Fine, like just tell us what to do. Taki: The last test shall involve you being double titfuck by Boobelma & Tilda. The 1st to make you cum shall gain entry to the portal. Shraggy: I'm ok with this. Tilda: Oh zits iz zuch pullshit! Boobelma: You know, I have a feeling if we met under different circumstances, we would've been really good friends. Tilda: Vell, I do veel a ztrange kindred with you. Taki: Enough talk, begin!
Sex Scene 4
Double Tit Fuck:
Boobelma: *HUFF* I hope we can meet again, Tilda. Tilda: *HUFF* Until next time, Poopelma
Taki: The winner is Boobelma & her twink! Tilda: VHAT, put how!? Boobelma: That's what I like to know. Taki: *whispers* The truth is, I just want to have more sex & a demon hunter is probably last longer you guys. Taki: Worry not, Tilda you can still gain entry should retry the test again. Tilda: Vine, it's ztill petter than having zex with demonz & dezperate men. Taki: Good luck with the final quest, Boobelma. Boobelma: Thank you, c'mon gang, we're about finally finish this whacky adventure!.