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Zelena Frankenthighs Dirty Quest

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Idea New Sex Game Zelena Frankenthighs Dirty Quest(Tilda boss battle cameo)
Zelena Frankenthighs Dirty Quest
Character Zelena Frankenthighs or as you formerly know her as zombie girl from Meet and Fuck: Halloween Adventure
[To the admins if for some reason you need to describe her appearance for ccbill she's a goth sorceress with a lot of scars with a bad green tan]
[also give her a tramp stamp that says Zombie]
With new clothing appearance. you can pick any of the outfit below but it must have the raven necklace with the outfit you pick
Story and game-play inspired by Meet and Fuck: Halloween Adventure My StepMom's a Pornstar 2: Beer Pong Tilda von Titantanks The Beast Within Tilda von Titantanks The Apocalypse
Officer Juggs: Ghost Fucker[also to the admins i would like you to use the theme music when juggs is getting fuck for my idea’s sex scene]
Enjoy the story below Talk- thoughts( ) (optional is for the admins to use sound for the idea! they don't have to use sound if they don't want to its not a deal breaker.) aIso i put Tilda as a mini boss enemy hope that can be accepted
[short story] Evil sorceress with her wise ass partner trying to take over the world and also she is spell bound to help him on his quest of finding him a permanent body. funny dialogue fun mini game idea and 4 sex scene please enjoy longer version below.
[Long Story]
[narrator] It is a normal peaceful night at Metropolis. People peacefully at home watching movies or getting ready to go to bed for the next day Until A big green pumpkin volcano appears with tombstones emerging from under the city! The Pumpkin Volcano started erupting, zombies came out of it and started to attack people. Everybody is panicking and wondering what’s going on and why a giant pumpkin volcano with zombies appeared out of nowhere. It seems we're about to get are answer.
[Scene on top of the Pumpkin volcano] Zelena Frankenthighs shouting- Ha ha ha ha I'm finally free from that stupid succubus mind control. Finally free from that dumb ass board game. Do you know what that means mortals? That means my true power of sorcery can finally be unleashed. Your day of reckoning is here.I well take over this city and any that opposes me will be eaten alive by my zombie army.You will all suffer under my rule.You will all build-
Her raven necklace cutting her off- OMG CAN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!
Zelena angrily trying to break the necklace-who the fuck do you think you are talking to like that. Izra you just ruined my evil speech.
Izra – news flash Zelena no one can fucking hear you with the volcano erupting ,zombie screaming and oh yeah you being on top of the fucking giant pumpkin doesn't help wonder that succubus had control over you for so long. Here's some advice ask me first before you do anymore stupid scheming
Zelena angrily- Oh yes i should take the advice of the idiot who lost his body for pussy.Talk to me like that again or bring up that bitch in my presence again and i will destroy you.
Izra – please you can't destroy me. You are spell bound to help me find a new body and don't forget if i didn't use that nerd to defeat the succubus you would be nothing but a mindless servant .
Zelena- you're lucky i'm spell bound to help you with your quest but when i do find you a body be prepared to lose your brain.
Izra- sounds kinky but before that you got army men with jet packs coming our way so get ready to fight.
Zelena smiling- time to show these mortals who they are dealing with!
[Mini game can be similar to Tilda von Titantanks The Apocalypse or Tilda von Titantanks The Beast Within] [Zelena hold's a spell book with one hand while firing electric energy balls with the other hand. if you get hit to many time she gets a special that deflect shoots ]
[you are shooting at army men with laser guns and jet packs it ends when you defeat them all] [also if you get a high score and go untouch for awhile. Tilda will pop up as a special enemy with a jetpack and try to shoot at you]
Zelena- foolish mortals no matter how many times you shoot me it wont work. I have the power to turn my body to super rubber and can deflect your bullets right back at you.
Zelena Battle fatigue(wow that took more mana then i thought)
Izra- hurry up zelena put me around the black army man quickly before he wakes up
Zelena put the necklace around the army man.
Irza happily controlling the army man -finally i got a new body first thing i'm gonna do is find me some hoes and-
Zelena cut him off- idiot that’s how you lost your body in the first place.whatever i'm out of here i'll eat your brain later.
Zelena tries to teleport but fails
Zelena kneeling- fuck my body still Rusty from being sealed for so long i think i ran out of mana.
Irza- NOOB
Zelena-shut up and teleport us out of here
Irza- whatever sure
[teleport to Zelena evil lair army bathrooms] Zelena- why the hell did you teleport us to the bathrooms
Irza-i meant to teleport us to the hallway but I still have to get used to this body.
Zelena- whatever you can get out of my lair now. I have no time to deal with you. I have to recover my mana quickly and go back to attacking the city.
Irza- you can't. you overused your mana. It's gonna take a couple of days before you can get back at full power.
Zelena- fuck what i'm i gonna do? I need to get back before they destroy all my zombies.
Irza-i can help you with your mana for a price.[ points at tits]
Zelena(hmmmm i hate him but i do need the mana)
Zelena- Fine i need the mana
Irza-really? You’ll do as a say no matter how humiliating and degrading.
Zelena annoyed- i said fine so let's get this over with master, d@ddy or whatever the hell you wanna be called
Irza smiling (this hate sex about to be great)
[Sex Scene 1 tit fuck] toilet seat around her tits. She's holding the toilet seat.
Irza- spit on my dick you green tan bitch so my dick can be slippery enough so i can fuck these tits hard.
Zelena- fuck you do it yourself.
Irza- if you insist. [Spit in her face and a little drop on his dick]
Irza- my bad i missed i'm sure ill get it with the next few
Zelena annoyed- sure you well
[Spit button appears you must keep hitting the spit button unit her face is cover in spit]
Zelena annoyed- that's enough i get it[she spits on his dick]
Irza- that’s a good bitch. Should have did what i said from the start( optional. Sex Sounds
Irza-damn this feels good and you look sexy with all that spit on your face
Zelena- your lucky i need your mana Irza
Zelena-do i really need to keep this toilet seat around my tits
Irza- of course. Why do you ask? Is it getting to painful for you my horror slut
Zelena- please i have a high tolerance for pain.
Irza- oh really if that's the case
[Hard{slaping her in her face while tit fucking her]
Irza-fuck yeah that’s for acting like a bitch earlier
Zelena(i should have keep that to myself he's having to much fun humiliating me)
[There are two buttons you can pick one cum or extreme] [Pick Cum!] Irza-fuck here it cums
Cum over face and tits
Irza- fuck that felt good but now your face all dirty. here let me help you wash it for you.
[Pick extreme!]
Irza -fuck here it cums
Cum over her face and tits
Zelena – you done
Irza- hold on open your mouth Zelena
Zelena annoyed(oh i think i know where this is going) [Zelena Open mouth with eyes close]
[Piss in here mouth and on her face]
Irza- fuck that felt good but now your face all dirty. here let me help you wash it
[Sex scene 2 doggystyle on there knees and her face press on urinal] optional Sex Sounds – One Man One Woman 34 Start at 0 end at 12:03 [Slow!]
Irza- your face looks better all ready
Zelena- fuck you
Irza – fuck this dawn of the dead pussy feels good.
Zelena- ah of ahhh course ahhh now ahhh give ahhh me ahhh mana
Irza- not so fast i wanna enjoy destroying this super villain pussy
Zelena- ah aha aha aha
Irza-you must really want this mana to take a pounding like this with your face hitting the urinal like that.
Zelena- ahhh i already told you ahhhh my pain tolerance is high ahhh
Irza- hmmm let's test how much your body can take
[extreme] grab's a plunger
Irza- guess where this is going?
Zelena – up ahhh your ahh ass ahhh jerk
Irza- nope an as a penalty for getting it wrong i'm gonna stick the bottom of the plunger first in your ass
Stick's it in her ass
Zelena – AHHH FUCK
[Cums] inside her pussy
Irza -fuck that was fun
Zelena- glad you liked it you idiot
Irza- hey do you wanna get your mana a little early
Zelena -well duh otherwise i wouldn't be letting you degrade me like this.
Irza- ok but before i tell you. You can't drown right?
Zelena- no idiot i can't drown.
Irza-perfect and your green ass don't need lube right?
Zelena annoyed-I would prefer because of your dick size but I'll endure
Irza- fuck yeah time to give you that no lube painal experience
Sex scene 3 painal piledriver. Her head in the toilet also make the toilet transparent {optional one man one women 66 start at 8:45 end at 9:53 [Slow]
Zelena- you ahhh are ahh an asshole ahhh!
Irza – you can't drown so your good.
Irza – anyway i'm gonna put all my mana into my dick and give it to you
Zelena- why the hell didn't you do that before?
Irza- i just remember i can do that
[Med!] Zelena -ahhh hey i know ahhh your ahhhh enjoying yourself but take it easy your ahhh shaking the bathrooms
Irza- no way. i'm not taking it easy now. this dead risingz ass needs this pounding.
[Hard! Zelena face reddish with a mean look]
Zelena- fuckk ahhh fuck my asss shittttt
Irza- hell yeah that's how i like my green bitches faces when i fuck them completely red
Zelena(fuck he's really destroying my ass)
Irza- hey zelena it seems i can't give you my mana
Zelena – whattt ahhh why ahhhh not ahhh???
Irza -i'm moving to slow i need to move faster and rougher
Zelena -Fuck ahhhh then ahhh doo it ahhhh hate fuck me ahh!
Irza – oh fuck yeah if i was fucking a normal girl like i'm about to fuck you she wouldn't survive this[Irza spreads Zelena legs wider] [Extreme]{ pounding her so hard the toilets started to crack. make this seen similar to My StepMom's a Pornstar 2: Beer Pong deep throat scene} {optional sound start from 31 end at 42
[Zelena face while getting pounded]
[Cums] inside and toilet gets destroyed
Zelena- damn that was a brutal ass fucking. you are really testing my endurance.
Zelena(i cant believe i cum from that but i wont tell him that otherwise he'll never stop bragging about it)
Irza- you're not done yet are you? don't you want more mana
Zelena(damn it i still need more mana if i'm gonna take over the metropolis)
Zelena- fine i'll finish you with a blowjob
Irza- that's fine and all
Irza- can you do it like the hot-dog you ate one time
Zelena- oh you seen that no
Irza- please please i'll give you the rest of my mana if you do it.
Zelena -omg fine Zelena opens her mouth and all her teeth fall out Only showing her gums and tongue
Irza- hell yeah
[Sex scene 4 gumjob] {optional sex sound blowjob 18 start at 6:25 end at 6:42}
[Slow!] Irza -omg this feels amazing
[Med!] Zelena -Gulp gulp gulp
Irza- fucking your face feels great my Z toy but i know you have another trick you can do to make me cum quicker
Zelena-(oh great he means that. i'm gonna get a massive headache after this)
Irza- blink two times if it's ok to do it
Zelena blinks two time
Extreme![ Irza rips Zelena head from her stitches connected to her body.{make this seen similar to My StepMom's a Pornstar 2: Beer Pong deep throat scene as well] Zelena has one eye open the other close]Irza Fucking zelena head and you see his dick hitting the back of her head like scary movie 2 blowjob scene. Like pic below but no handjob assist {optional sex sound blowjob 20 start at 4:16 end at 4:38} [to the admins if you are worried about the Extreme bj pic use this one instead ]
[Cum] inside her head and it spell out her nose, eyes,ears, and mouth
Irza- fuck that was something else.[Drops Zelena head]
Irza- wait what’s happening.
Irza lost control of his new body.the soldier took off the necklace throw it at Zelena and runs away
Irza- fuck she gonna be mad when she wakes up and finds out the quest not over yet.